ICQ č la utility company italiana specializzata nella produzione di energia elettrica da fonti rinnovabli.

ICQ is the Italian utility specialized in producing energy from wind and hydroelectric sources, from biomasses and from waste gases.

ICQ also develops solutions for  cogenerating electricity and thermal energy, systems supplied with conventional and non conventional fuels (biofuels), plants and systems that combine using  different sources  - for example biomasses and photovoltaic energy -  and  energy saving and efficiency projectsfor lighting and recovering heat dispersion (low enthalpy waste heat).

ICQ’s competitive edge comes from its capability to internally manage the entire production process;  from identifying and assessing the site to the final energy production.  This allows building more efficient systems, with lower investments and shorter time frames based on an equal power installed and/or energy produced.

ICQ Holding

ICQ Holding S.p.A. presenta i propri impianti:

Wind power Biogas Biomass Photovoltaic Hydroelectric Foreign projects